• History

    IMG_4352 Sapona Manufacturing has operated continuously on the banks of the Deep River since 1836, being one of the first cotton mills in the South.  The company name, Sapona, was actually taken from the Sapona Indian tribe which inhabited central North Carolina.The current owners purchased the company on March 18, 1916, and continued to produce cotton yarns until 1939 using Deep River water power.

    In 1936, we added silk yarn production.  Our silk yarns were used in ladies’ full-fashioned hosiery.

    Having proven our quality capabilities in the production of cotton and silk yarns, Sapona was selected by DuPont as one of the initial companies to assist in developing Nylon when it was introduced in 1938.

    During World War II, we supplied vital Nylon yarns for military uses, such as parachute fabric and cord, glider tow rope and poncho fabric.

    Working from technical knowledge gained in early work with Nylon, we have been able to remain in the forefront of processors of this popular fiber.  Today, we use state-of-the-art texturing machines which produce yarn of the finest quality anywhere.

    Our employees provide the energy which has driven our company over its long history.  Many employees today are descendants of the people who helped build the company from the beginning.  Our people know our product thoroughly and produce it efficiently.  Their exceptional loyalty, special skills (enhanced through ongoing training), and pride in products enable us to consistently manufacture superior yarns, and in doing so, to earn our customers’ confidence; they know our yarns perform as specified.

    In the pioneering spirit, Sapona continues to investigate new areas of technology and product.  One of our new products is textured Nylon yarn precision wound onto dye tubes for direct package dyeing.